Standby Diver Qualifications

standby diver is a fully qualified diver, assigned for back-up or to provide emergency assistance, and is ready to enter the water immediately. For surface-supplied operations, the standby diver shall be dressed to the following points, MK 20 or MK 21 MOD 1, with strain relief connected to the harness. Under certain conditions, the Diving Supervisor may require that the helmet be worn. A standby scuba diver shall don all equipment and be checked by the Diving Supervisor. The standby diver may then remove the mask and fins and have them ready to don immediately for quick deployment. For safety reasons at the discretion of the Diving Supervisor, the standby diver may remove the tank. The standby diver receives the same briefings and instructions as the working diver, monitors the progress of the dive, and is fully prepared to respond if called upon for assistance. The scuba standby diver shall be equipped with an octopus rig.

6-9.8.2 Deploying the Standby Diver as a Working Diver. The standby diver may be deployed as a working diver provided all of the following conditions are met:

1. Surface-supplied no-decompression dive of 60 fsw or less.

2. Same job/location, e.g., working on port and starboard propellers on the same vessel:

Prior to deploying the standby diver, the work area shall be determined to be free of hazards (i.e., suctions, discharges) by the first diver on the job site.

When working in ballast tanks or confined spaces, the standby diver may be deployed as a working diver, but both divers shall be tended by a third diver who is outside the confined space (also see paragraph 6-4.9).

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