Ship Repair Safety Checklist For Diving

When diving operations will involve underwater ship repairs, the following procedures and safety measures are required in addition to the Diving Safety Checklist.


A. The Diving Supervisor shall advise key personnel of the ship undergoing repair:

1. OOD 4. OODs of ships alongside

2. Engineering Officer 5. Squadron Operations (when required)

3. CDO 6. Combat Systems Officer (when required)

B. The Diving Supervisor shall request that OOD/Duty Officer of ship being repaired ensure that appropriate equipment is secured and tagged out.

C. The Diving Supervisor shall request that OOD/Duty Officer advise him when action has been completed and when diving operations may commence.

D. When ready, the diving Supervisor shall request that the ship display appropriate diving signals and pass a diving activity advisory over the 1MC every 30 minutes. For example, "There are divers working over the side. Do not operate any equipment, rotate screws, cycle rudder, planes or torpedo shutters, take suction from or discharge to sea, blow or vent any tanks, activate sonar or underwater electrical equipment, open or close any valves, or cycle trash disposal unit before checking with the Diving Supervisor."

E. The Diving Supervisor shall advise the OOD/Duty Officer when diving operations commence and when they are concluded. At conclusion, the ship will be requested to pass the word on the 1MC, "Diving operations are complete. Carry out normal work routine."

F. Diving within 50 feet of an active sea suction (located on the same side of the keel) that is maintaining a suction of 50 gpm or more, is not authorized unless considered as an emergency repair and is authorized by the Commanding Officers of both the repair activity and tended vessel. When it is determined that the sea suction is maintaining a suction of less than 50 gpm and is less than 50 feet, or maintaining a suction of more than 50 gpm and is less than 50 feet but on the opposite side of the keel, the Diving Supervisor shall determine if the sea suction is a safety hazard to the divers prior to conducting any diving operation. In all cases the Diving Supervisor shall be aware of the tend of the diver's umbilical to ensure that it will not cross over or become entrapped by an active sea suction.


2. Engineering Officer _ (signature)




5. Squadron Operations _

6. Port Services Officer _

(Diving Supervisor (Signature)

Figure 6-20a. Ship Repair Safety Checklist for Diving (sheet 1 of 2). CHAPTER 6 — Operational Planning

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