Osha Requirements For Us Navy Civilian Diving

U.S. Navy Civilian Divers are governed by the provisions of the U.S. Navy Diving Program, yet they must also comply with U.S. Government Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) diving standards, delineated in 29 CFR Part 1910 Subpart T; Subj: Commercial Diving Operations. U.S. Navy Civilian Divers are identified as all permanent Navy employees who have been formally trained at an approved U.S. Navy diving school as either a scuba diver, Second Class diver, or First Class diver. Commercial divers contracted by the Navy who are not permanent government employees are not subject to these provisions.

Most directives of the U.S. Navy Diving Program provide parallel requirements, or are similar enough not to be considered of substantive difference. Several requirements of OSHA do, however, exceed those delineated for U.S. Navy divers and must be identified to ensure compliance by USN civilian divers to both standards. Therefore, the following restrictions, in addition to all other requirements addressed in this manual, apply to USN civilian divers:

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