Master Diver

6-9.4.1 Master Diver Responsibilities. The Master Diver is the most qualified person to supervise air and mixed-gas dives (using scuba and surface-supplied diving equipment) and recompression treatments (Figure 6-17). He is directly responsible to the Commanding Officer, via the Diving Officer, for the safe conduct of all phases of diving operations. The Master Diver manages preventive and corrective maintenance on diving equipment, support systems, salvage machinery, handling systems, and submarine rescue equipment. Training and requalification of divers attached to the command is conducted by the Master Diver, who also ensures that divers are trained in emergency procedures. The Master Diver recommends to the Commanding Officer, via the Diving Officer, which enlisted divers are qualified to serve as Diving Supervisors. The Master Diver oversees the efforts of the Diving Supervisor and provides advice and technical expertise. If circumstances warrant, the Master Diver shall relieve the Diving Supervisor and assume control of the dive station. In the absence of a Diving Officer, the Master Diver can assume the duties and responsibilities of the Diving Officer.

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