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Subal D10 housing for Nikon D100 DSLR

Subal have announced their latest housing for the Nikon D100 digital SLR camera.

Deliveries should be available by the end of the year and there will be controls for shutter release, front control dial, on/off, exposure compensation, flash sync, display light, mode dial, M/S/C, manual focus, zoom, lens release, AF lock, meter switch, focus area selector, delete,flash power compensation, menu and enter/OK.

The housing will be similar to the Nikon F80 and will have an optical viewfinder as well as the LCD monitor port. The camera is mounted on a sprungloaded baseplate and the housing is secured with Subal's QuickLoc levers.

The D10 will have the standard Subal bayonet port system, two flash sync sockets and a top mounted accessory shoe.

The D10 weighs approx 1.9kg and for further details go to or Ocean Optics Tel 020 7930 8408

Subal wide angle port for CP5 Coolpix 5000 housing

The Subal wide angle port for the CP5 Nikon Coolpix 5000 housing is now available and it incorporates a unique sensor for use with TTL flash.

The port can be used with either of the two wide angle lenses WC-E68 and FC-E8 and the dome is made from optical glass.

This port completes the CP5 system making it the most versatile midrange digital stills camera outfit on the market today.

For further details go to or Ocean Optics Tel 020 7930 8408

Kodak DCS Pro 14n "full frame" Digital 35mm SLR

Kodak has announced the new 14 megapixel DCS-14n. The magnesium-alloy body is built around a Nikon F100/ F80, has a built-in portrait grip and is notably smaller than any previous Kodak DCS D-SLR. The camera is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, takes Compact Flash (Type I/II) and SD/MMC storage, supports JPEG-ERI (higher dynamic range JPEG) and also features an orientation sensor. The camera should be available in December with an expected street price of US$4,000.

The DCS Pro 14n is Kodak's sixth-generation professional digital camera and is primarily designed for professional and commercial photographers, but will likely be popular with advanced amateurs as well. Built on a Nikon lens mount, it adds speed, as well as quality, to the photographers' workflow through FireWire connectivity at a 12 MB per second transfer rate.

"This is the camera that portrait, wedding and event photographers have been waiting for," said Jay Kelbley, DCS Product Manager, Kodak Professional. "In addition to its highly competitive price point and phenomenal 13.89 million total pixels, the DCS Pro 14n is loaded with features and, thanks to Kodak Professional firmware, its overall image path enhancements make it the most upgradeable camera on the market."

The camera is equipped with a 4536 x 3024 pixel (effective), 12-bit CMOS imager, covering the full 24mm by

36mm image area of 35mm film, allowing photographers to regain the benefits of true wide-angle lenses and use their Nikon SLR lenses as they have used them with 35mm film. With the DCS Pro 14n photographers have the freedom to select the image size (full 14MP, 6MP, and 3MP) that suits the shooting environment.

The camera captures images at about two frames per second. Images can be saved as DCR raw files or Kodak Professional Extended Range Imaging (ERI) JPEG files. Kodak ERI-JPEG files serve as another form of picture protection for photographers, especially in situations where re-shooting is inconvenient. Kodak ERI-JPEGs are created by and stored incamera on removable media for later color correction or manipulation, and provide two-stops of exposure latitude and extended color space within a JPEG workflow, a benefit no other competitor offers. The ERI-JPEG format provides professional photographers ease-of-use of JPEG files with the image quality and color/exposure control of Kodak's highly regarded DCR format raw camera files, to create the best quality images.

The Kodak Professional DCS Pro 14n Digital Camera is leveraged from a Nikon lens mount and the magnesium body is more durable and robust than plastic digital cameras based on similar camera platforms. The DCS Pro 14n uses cast magnesium encasements for a solid, rugged camera body instead of the plastic encasements commonly used by other manufacturers. The robust body includes a vertical trigger that works in conjunction with the camera's auto orientation sensor. The sensor detects the camera's orientation +/- 90 degrees from the horizontal position. This enables automatic rotation of the image as it moves to a computer for manipulation, saving photographers time and improving workflow, hallmarks of Kodak Professional's efforts to make digital easier for customers.

These details were announced at Photokina 2002.

Gates Sony F707 housing

Rich with features found only on higher-end systems, the F707 housing from Gates is designed for both the professional and recreational underwater photographer. Professional-level controls, a dedicated external strobe, and the Gates Multi Port lens system make the F707 from Gates a highly flexible, yet user friendly digital still housing.


Control Access - The professional will appreciate access to all key camera functions including manual focus, white balance, auto exposure lock, and complete exposure control in shutter priority, aperture priority and manual modes. Of course, full auto operation is available for the recreational diver seeking superb digital images.

Dedicated Strobe - Forget about manually dialing in strobe settings, fiber optic slave connections, or other mismatched components! The Gates F707 uses a dedicated external strobe linked directly to the camera. When not in use, the F707 strobe enters a sleep mode to conserve battery life.

Multi Port - The F707 is available with the Gates Multi Port system, providing dynamic lens changes

underwater, on the same dive! Only Gates engineering can grant this flexibility to the F707 with no vignetting — a challenge unmatched by other housings

For Videographers - Already have a video system? Underwater videographers will find the F707 an easy transition to digital stills. Controls like zoom, white balance, exposure control, and auto/manual focus will be familiar territory. And Gates video lighting is 100% transportable to the F707 for night and close-up photography.

Aquatica A5000 for Coolpix

The Aquatica A5000 is a very compact housing that allows easy access to all of the key camera controls. Users are able to view their pictures instantly through the lcd screen and the shade dramatically improves viewing under difficult conditions.

The A5000 housing has a foam grip handle for easy portability. It comes equipped with one Nikonos-style bulkhead, with the option of using a second. The housing is fully anodized in black and coated with a polyurethane powder paint and a clear coat.

Retail price: $1,049 US

Sea & Sea housings for Nikon D100 and Canon D60/D30

Sea & Sea have announced the imminent arrival of their housings for the Nikon D100 and Canon D60/D30.

The fronts are ABS resin and the rears are polycarbonate

They weight: 5.5 kg with a maximum depth: 60m / 200 ft

The will be compatible with NX-ports and a shutter activated focus light will be available

Optional accessories will include:

Sea & Sea Strobes LX-25/55 Light

Sea Arm VI / Flexible Light Arm Shutter Activated Focus Light

Ikelite Fuji S2 housing

The Fuji S2 Pro is based on a Nikon F80 / N80 camera body, utilizes Nikkor lenses, and provides TTL capability with all of our TTL SubStrobes for a complete system of proven components.

The following controls are provided: Shutter button, Power switch, Exposure +/- button Flash +/- button, Lens release button Main command dial, Sub-command dial Exposure mode dial, Play button Auto exposure bracketing button, Synchro mode button, Zoom.

The Ikelite SLR-MD Case allows visual assurance the system is safe with a clear view of the camera information and control functions. Ikelite housings are injection molded of clear polycarbonate for its superior strength and corrosion-free properties, and operate safely to 60m (200 feet) depth.

An assortment of interchangeable lens ports allow use of most macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses. The SLR-MD Case is part of a full system of TTL

strobes, mounting systems, and accessories. The Ikelite Super-Eye magnifier provided with the housing secures to the camera eyepiece and offers enhanced viewing while wearing a diving mask.

The overall dimensions are

10.5" wide x 8" high. Front-to-back measures 6" plus port. Width is 14" with the removable handle bar attached. The housing with handle assembly and port weighs about 10 pounds.

Available during September

Jonah housings

A new South Korean company has begun producing housings for Nikon F100 cameras and plans housings for Canon EOS3 and Leica R6 cameras.

In addition they are working on a housing for the Nikon D100 (right) digital stills camera which should be available towards the end of the year.

There will be controls for:

Power switch, Shutter release (mechanical), Main command dial, Sub-command dial, Shooting mode dial, Flash sync mode button, Exposure compensation button, LCD illuminator button, LCD panel window, Function dial, Multiselector buttons, Flash exposure compensation button, Format button, Bracketing button, AE/AF lock button,

Menu button, Thumbnail button, Protector button, Enter button, Delete button, Monitor window

Two TTL strobe bulkheadsare included, an Optical viewfinder, Two grips and Two strobe arms brackets

Three ports and an extension ring are available:

8" Superwide Dome Port. 4" Dome Port (Optical Glass). Flat Port (Optical Glass). 30mm Extension Ring

The housing is made from corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, The dimensions are 178x 160x116 mm and the weight is approx. 1700g (w/out port and accessories)

Depth Limit: 90 m

Jonah Housing E-mail: [email protected]

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Although we usually tend to think of the digital camera as the best thing since sliced bread, there are both pros and cons with its use. Nothing is available on the market that does not have both a good and a bad side, but the key is to weigh the good against the bad in order to come up with the best of both worlds.

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