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a UK based u/w photo forum

"After talking to various photographers over the last 12 months it has became clear that there is a need for an email based discussion group for the professional and semi-professional underwater stills, film and video industry"

With the help of Simon Davies, of IDnet internet services, Julian Calverley has set up The UWIGroup (Underwater Imaging Group). Julian is a professional advertising photographer and was a guest speaker at Visions 2000.

"Its purpose is one of global communication, discussing underwater imaging related issues. Topics covered include the exchanging of tips, information and experiences. We would also be happy to hear announcements of industry related shows, publications and equipment. With the popularity of digital cameras and DV on the increase discussion will cover both conventional (film) and digital imagery" says Julian.

If you would like to join The UWIGroup then simply send an email to [email protected] with the words "join UWIGroup" followed by the email address that you wish to use, in the body of the text. No subject is needed.

For example :

From: Julian Calverley <[email protected]>

To: [email protected] Subject: <not needed>

join UWIGroup [email protected]

You will then receive a welcome message along with important information on how to send messages to the list, subscribe as a digest member and also how to unsubscribe etc.

The rules are very simple:

l.On joining the list please introduce yourself so we can all see who you are and what you get up to.

2. No "flaming" of any fellow member in any form.

3. Keep your quoting to the very minimum - about 5/10 lines, and always trim out unwanted signatures etc.

4. Send emails in text form only, and not HTML or Rich Text.

"The UWIGroup is a low volume list but hopefully over time will become a busy world-wide hub for the underwater imaging industry"

Julian Calverley [email protected]

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