Ikelite Slrdc Housings offer eTTL Compatibility

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To extend the capabilities of the digital SLR cameras Ikelite designed the SLR-DC underwater housing. This housing is injection molded of clear polycarbonate for strength, visual access to the camera, LCD screens and camera controls. The ergonomic design places camera functionality at your fingertips for the ultimate in creative control. The interchangeable port system accommodates a wide variety of lenses from macro to wide-angle to zoom. The rubber handles offer excellent grip and a quick release system for Ikelite's new SA-100 Arm system. An external Ikelite connector is provided to connect single or dual Ikelite Substrobes.

SLR-DC Housing Features:

For «Canon EOS Rebel «Canon EOS 300D

These Ikelite SLR-DC housings for Canon have Conversion Circuitry built into the camera tray. When used with an Ikelite DS Substrobe; the Conversion Circuitry provides real Canon eTTL flash exposure with over and under-exposure compensation of two f-stops in half-stop increments. At the push of a button, switch to Manual Exposure Mode which provides eight power settings in one-half stop increments. All exposure compensation is done with 2 buttons on the back of the housing, no accessing complicated camera menus.

Clear Molded Polycarbonate

Corrosion Free

Interchangeable Port System

Clear View of Info Window

Clear View of LCD screen

Most Camera Functions Available

Weighted for Neutral Buoyancy

Quick-Release Strobe Mounts

Rubber Hand Grips

External Connector for Substrobes

Super-eye Magnifier for Enhanced Viewing with a Dive Mask.

Dimensions 7.s"L x 4.75"W x 7.2s"H (19cm x 12cm x 18cm)


Ikelite SLR-DC Housings also Available for

Nikon D70 Nikon D100 Olympus 1-1 (ttl)

New products

Ikelite Housing for Fuji F-810 Digital Cameras

A mini-version of Ikelite's heavy duty thick wall housings is available for the Fuji F-810 digital camera. It is virtually indestructible and provides 200 feet depth capabilities.

All functions of the camera are accessible in this corrosion free clear polycarbonate molded housing. The flash built into the camera operates fine in the housing, but an optional DS series strobe placed farther from the lens improves the photographs by reducing the illumination of particles in the water.

The sensor placement on the camera and addition of diffuser precludes use of the TTL Slave

Sensor. The EV Manual Controller is suggested. It provides 10 power settings with the DS-50 or DS-125 digital SubStrobes.

Optional adapters are: #9306.80 which allows attaching and removing the Inon UWL-105AD bayonet style lenses underwater and #9306.81 which allows attaching and removing the 67mm threads of the UWL-100 conversion lenses from Epoque and Inon underwater.

Optional #9523.31 is a tray with a release handle which allows optional SubStrobes to be attached.

Sea & Sea VX-FX1

The VX-FX1 is a professional-quality housing, thoroughly refined with state-of-the-art technology to satisfy the high standards of the broadcast industry and discriminating digital video editors. Wait no more for high-definition underwater video! www.seaandsea.com

Gates Sony FX1/Z1 video housing

A new revolution in underwater imaging is here: the new FX1/Z1 housing from Gates!

Setting a new standard in resolution and clarity this HD system is classically Gates: durable 'bulletproof' machined aluminum and 100% reliable mechanical controls. Important functions like iris, white balance and manual focus are readily accessible, and Fathom Imaging ports provide the clearest, sharpest images possible - a no-compromises requisite for any HD endeavor.


Nexus Nikon D2x housing

The Nexus housing for the Nikon D2x DSLR is made from cast aluminium and has 24 controls to give you total access to the camera's functions.

It weighs just 9 lbs with the camera and is 12.75" wide (with handles), 9" high and 5.25" deep.

It is closed with 5 stainless steel latches and will be available in two versions - F4 screw thread ports and F90 screw thread ports.

They are supplied with two Nikonos sync sockets and 2 spare ports for remote controls or video out.

www.usanexus.com www.oceanoptics.co.uk

Nexus D70 Digital

Anthis/Nexus since 1979

Nexus offers amazing features with compact size.

• Aluminum housing

• Full controls

• 2 Extra external glands

• Adjustable handles

Visit www, usanexus. com

See all the features for the Nikon D70 that Nexus has to offer.

858-455-0873 USA Nexus

Epoque EHS-400X for Sanyo Xacti DMX-C4/C1

EHS-400X has a 55mm threaded _

metal front port for attaching filters, wide- ^

angle lenses and macro lenses. It has 5 stainless steel latches for secure closure. It has a comfortable adjustable hand strap. There is a metal threaded mount base for sturdy attachment to trays or tripods. External strobe units can sync through the special optical sync port. A video light or strobe can mount directly on the camera case through the use of a shoe mount or attached to the Epoque Slot Tray accessory. A wide range of accessories that will expand your photographic capabilities supports the EHS-400X.


www. Eooaue-usa. com

Find all the accessories you need for digital underwater photography

Macro Lens

,54x Wide Lens

,54x Wide Lens www. Eooaue-usa. com

Find all the accessories you need for digital underwater photography

Epoque-USA • 858-455-0872

Macro Lens

Epoque* USA

Digital strobes Wide angle lens Macro lens Video Light Focus light Arms and Trays

Fantasea Line Introduces:

fd-70 Housing

Forthe Nikon D-70 Camera

Also: The Coolpix Collection forthe Nikon

2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4100, 4200, 4300, 5100, 5200

Coming soon !!! 4600, 5600, 7600, 5900, 7900, 8700 and 8800.

Suggested Retail price $999 including standard port and anti flooding insurance program!


Strobes, Wide angle and Macro lenses, Arms, Trays, LED Lights and more now available!

Purchase On-Line at best rates ever: www.fantasea.com

Special program for authorized dealers. For more information: [email protected]

Fantasea CP-6 & 7 housings for Nikon Coolpix 4600, 5600, 5900 and 7900 cameras

Fantasea Line International is pleased to announce the launch of the CP-6 and CP-7 underwater housings, now ready for delivery worldwide.

The CP-7 was purpose designed for the Nikon Coolpix 5900 and 7900 digital cameras and the CP-6 was purpose designed for the Nikon Coolpix 4600 and 5600 digital cameras.

They are a compact injection molded plastic housing, that will fit conveniently in photographers hands and make outdoor digital photography easy for everyone, amateur or professional, who is concerned about water damage to expensive cameras in activities that include scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, sailing, white water paddle sports, winter sports, or for family fun at the beach or around the swimming pool.

Both housings have 4 camera function control buttons including: Zoom/Wide Angle Review

Maximum operating depth to 40meters/130 ft.

The suggested retail price is $160 including one year anti flooding insurance.


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