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DivePhotoGuide's mission is to match the needs of underwater photographers and videographers of all levels with the facilities of dive operators worldwide.

Of course there are other directories online, but nothing like this. DivePhotoGuide.com is on the way to becoming the most comprehensive dive operator directory in the world, catering mainly to underwater photographers and videopgraphers. Currently divers and photographers can sign up for a free beta-membership with access to photo galleries from some of the top underwater photographers in the world, centralized photo contest calendars and breaking about diving and underwater imagery. The DPG Dive Operator Directory will officially launch during Celebrate the Sea in Singapore this June.

j ason @ di vephotoguide. com

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New shipwreck in Grenada

The 170 foot / 50 m "HEMA 1" is now the newest addition to the already diverse portfolio of Grenada's ship-wrecks. Laying on it side, still swaying in the current, in a depth of 30 m /100 feet it will soon become a new attraction.

On the first dive Aquanauts did one week after it sank, already reef & nurse sharks were investigating the new wreck as a possible resting place. Like the "Shakem" which sank in 2001, it will be an interesting example to see how quickly marine life takes over and makes it a new artificial reef.

Aquanauts will report and document the growth development on the new wreck regularly. But already it is clear that the wreck of "HEMA 1" will be one of the main attractions in Grenada's waters due to its location in the nutrient rich Atlantic current off the south coast where other wrecks like "San Juan" and "King Mitch" have an impossible to resist draw on experienced adventure seeking divers!

www. aquanautsgrenada. com

"Benchmark liveaboard operation" award for Ocean Rover

Ocean Rover was awarded top honors in a recent Liveaboard Survey by AustralAsia ScubaDiver Magazine.

The extensive survey listed more than twenty liveaboards from all over the Asia Pacific region and concluded that Ocean Rover Cruises is the "Benchmark Liveaboard Operation" to which other boats and operators could measure their product.

The survey took into consideration many aspects of liveaboard diving and was conducted by an experienced team led well-known underwater photographer Michael Aw who has traveled on board many of the vessels listed in the survey. Please see http: / / www.ocean-rover.com/ news/index.htm for details.

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