Wetpixelcom Photo Contest with Significant Prizes

Wetpixel.com, a website dedicated to the sharing of information about digital underwater photography, has announced a new bi-monthly underwater photography contest for both digital and scanned film images, which will compete on even footing for significant prizes donated by sponsors Aquatica, Pictopia, Ikelite, Gates Housings, Ultralight Control Systems, Marine Camera Distributors, and INON America. Contests will run every two months, and at the end of the calendar year, grand prize winners will be chosen and awarded prizes valued at more than $5,000 USD!

Entering the contest is completely free. Winners will be chosen by a jury of acclaimed underwater photographers including Dr. Alex Mustard, Andy Sallmon, Chris Bangs, David Fleetham, Douglas David Seifert, James Watt, Stephen Frink, and members of Wetpixel staff.

The first photo contest ends on April 30th, and additional contests will run through the end of June, August, October, and December 2004.

Wetpixel.com also runs a "Photo of the Week" contest for amateur photographers just getting started in underwater photography. Winners are published on Wetpixel.com's home page and receive a $30 credit at Pictopia.com for lightjet printing or other digital photographic services.

For more information about Wetpixel's Photo Contest, visit

http://www.wetpixel.com/contest/ Wetpixel.com provides news, features, reviews, and an active forum of over 2,000 digital underwater photographers. Visit Wetpixel at http://www.wetpixel.com

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