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If you are new to underwater digital photography the equipment can be bewildering.

Choosing lenses can be especially confusing. Take wide angles. They're great in low visibility and essential for photographing large subjects like wrecks and whale sharks.

But how wide is wide?

95 to 100 degrees is what most professional underwater photographers consider to be the benchmark or standard wide angle focal length. Narrower angles often just don't cut it.

The Inon UWL100 provides up to 100 degrees. That's twice the coverage of most cameras' built in lenses. And substantially wider than the Olympus C5060's own 70 degree wide angle lens and port combination.

Conveniently the UWL100 is also a wetlens. You can remove and replace it underwater, changing lenses to suit your subject.

And if you find even 100 degrees restrictive, you can add a dedicated dome port and expand your view by 30%.

Inon make some of the best thought through and user friendly accessories for the underwater photographer. Ocean Optics continues its quarter century tradition of providing the best equipment, aftersales in the business.

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