Successful Underwater by Brian Skerry and Howard Hall

This 10.5" x 8.5" 144 page book is a reworking of Howard Hall's original title first published in 1982. This new version, as well as being much larger in size, also contains many more excellent photographs, mainly from Brian Skerry.

There are fourteen chapters including useful information in an attractive layout. The chapters follow a logical flow - Fundamentals, Light underwater, Equipment, Available light, Silhouettes, Extension tubes, Reflex macro, Wildlife portraits, People, Shipwrecks, Close focus wide angle, Auto focus and exposure and finally Selling your work.

The big attraction of the original version for me was that the photographs included very detailed captions about the location, subject behaviour, how the shots were achieved as well as full camera details and settings. Effectively, it gave you everything you needed to know to achieve a similar shot. The new version follows the same delivery for the most part but there is a high percentage of photographs which have very little camera details and virtually no caption save naming the subject. Personally I think a good educational photo book should have the full details for each photo accompanying them otherwise there is little point in including them. It's a shame that this book doesn't for all its excellent photos.

This version was revised in 1982 without much fanfare so it's section on digital is minimal to say the least. If they ever need to reprint they should provide full captions for every photo and include a comprehensive section of several chapter on digital techniques and equipment and then they would have a world beating title.



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