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Mark Webster hosts underwater photography workshops aboard the MY Coral Queen and in Indonesia. He is also the author of 'The Art and Technique of Underwater Photography' published by Fountain Press.

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FiLm or DigitaL? It's a TouGh Call.

For many people there's no easy answer. Both mediums have pros and cons. But whichever your choose, Nexus and Ocean Optics have you covered.

The new Nexus housings for the Nikon F100 and D100 share the same qualities of design , engineering and premium grade construction that are hallmarks of the Nexus line. Both housings are camera specific. The sculpted design hugs the camera to maintain its compact dimensions.The bodies are aluminium to provide the

ideal combination of high strength and low weight. Controls are placed ergonomically for fast precise shooting. Dual Nikonos flash bulkheads are fitted as standard. The Nexus port system extends from a 9 inch superdome purpose designed for half and halfs to ports with full manual focus overide for the Nikon 200mm micro - tele lens. And if you want to get even closer you can utilise teleconverters and the famous Nexus wet lens.

Choosing between a high end film and a high end digital camera can still be a tough decision. But with Nexus designs and Optics expertise you're assured of the best service whatever your decide. And that is definitive.

Ocean Optics

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Champion Flash Photography

Champion Flash Photography

Here Is How You Can Use Flash Wisely! A Hands-on Guide On Flash Photography For Camera Friendly People!. Learn Flash Photography Essentials By Following Simple Tips.

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