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If you shoot on film stick with TTL and skip to the next paragraph! For the digital photographers left reading, the ease of using manual flash exposures in macro photography is one of our best kept secrets!

Film photographers cannot imagine shooting without TTL, while most digital photographers would not go back to the inflexibility of TTL exposure when they can shoot manual flash and get instant feedback from their LCD screen. I DO use TTL with my digital camera -1 think it is excellent for free swimming fish photography when the subject to camera distance is constantly changing. But for macro where the camera to subject distance is pretty constant, we can shoot a test exposure and the be sure all our subsequent shots are correctly exposed. With manual lighting we have full creative control, particularly if we use two strobes. We now have the ideal tool to create the lighting we want, rather than the lighting that the Japanese guy who programmed the camera wanted.

100 Photography Tips

100 Photography Tips

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