Jonah Canon EOS 10D housing

The latest Jonah aluminium housing is for the Canon EOSIOD and it has controls for Power switch, Shutter release (mechanical), Main dial, Quick control dial, LCD panel window,

Focusing point selector lever, Drive mode button, Exposure button, AF mode button,

Menu button, Information button, Jump button, Index button, Play button, Erase button, Set button, LCD Monitor Window, Mode Dial, AF/ MF Switching Lever, Focus (Zoom) Gear.

There are two flash connectors - 1-S6 and 1-N5 TTL, a Leak Detect Sensor and an Optical viewfinder. The Canon system flash (Canon 420EX or 550EX) can be used with the S6 plug only.

The hand grips have 25mm T-plates for mounting flash arms.

The Canon system flash (Canon 420EX or 550EX) can be used with the S6 plug only. Otherwise Nikon, Ikelite , Subtronic or other flashes can be used in manual mode.

The following lenses can be used. Wide Angle: EF 15mm F2.8 Fisheye, EF 20mm F2.8 USM, Canon 16-35, Sigma 15-30

Macro: EF 50mm Macro F2.5, EF 100mm Macro F2.8 USM.

The Jonah C10 housing is approximately 180x 157x121 mm and weighs 1700g (w/out port and accessories). It is depth rated to 80m.

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