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The tragedy of HMS Dasher

On March 27th 1943 HMS Dasher, a hastily converted aircraft carrier, mysteriously exploded and sank in the Clyde within eight minutes. Of the 528 men on board, only 149 survived. 379 lives were lost.

The Government kept this an absolute secret but in the late 1990's information began to emerge that one of the bodies from the Dasher was used in Operation Mincemeat to dupe the Germans about a possible invasion of Greece at a crucial time of the war in 1943.

This 52 minute documentary tells, for the first time, the Tragedy of HMS Dasher.

VHS copies are available for £16.95 (+£2.50 UK postage) Total £19.45

To order your copies, contact PR Productions. Tel 44 (0)20 8399 5709 or email [email protected] web site

The tragedv of hms dasher

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