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Inon are one of the most innovative designers of high end underwater camera equipment in the world. It's won them an elite following. Now Inon have applied their design skills to helping underwater digital enthusiasts get great pictures easily and inexpensively.

Inon make two strobes that are ideal for users of popular digital cameras like Olympus, Canon and Sony. Both the 180s and the 180 offer high power combined with up to 110 degrees coverage for wide angle lenses. Both offer automatic exposure and are fired by a reliable fibre optic cable.

The 1 80 offers sophisticated exposure overrides for creative lighting and a convenient built in modelling light. It's the perfect strobe for the serious shooter.

The 180s is ideal for fuss free photography. It features simpler exposure compensation for tricky conditions and a convenient LED modelling light.

These are just two items from Inon's extensive range. A range that includes a choice of macro lenses and wide angles.

To learn more about how Inon can help you get better pictures contact Ocean Optics. The underwater photography specialists.

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100 Photography Tips

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