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Since April 2002 digideep.com helps divers around the world to find a housing for their digital camera and to locate dealers specialized on underwater imaging. The website provides a perpetual up-to-date market overview of the essential equipment for digital underwater photography, including compatibility charts, matching digital cameras to underwater housings, weekly photo contest and camera settings.

Lars Kirchhoff and Andreas Voeltz from Germany created this website in English, dedicated to a global audience. They are both digital underwater photographers and their work has been published in various magazines and newspapers.

The website features a smart engine which automatically shows submissions in the photo contest as sample images underneath the gear they were taken with. If digideep.com should not know an underwater housing for your camera you can subscribe to an automated email service. It will notify you as soon as new housings become available. The aggregated requests are anonymously forwarded to housing manufacturers to speed up the process of bringing new underwater housings to the market. Visitors who are new to underwater photography will get help in the site's forum. The forum features a community of over 1700 helpful underwater photographers, living in more than 60 different countries and travelling to many more. The kickstart success of this website underlines the trend to take digital cameras into environments were some of their engineers might not have expected them to work at all.

The site is about to become multilingual and expand it's product listings to cover amphibic strobes, strobe housings, arms and trays and (long awaited) digital video gear.

www.digideep .com

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