Select And Assemble The Diving Team

When planning diving assignments and matching the qualifications and experience of diving personnel to specific requirements of the operation, a thorough knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and relationships of the various members of the diving team is essential. The diving team may include the Diving Officer, Master Diver, Diving Supervisor, Diving Medical Officer, divers qualified in various techniques and equipment, support personnel (tenders—qualified divers if possible), recorder, and medical personnel, as indicated by the type of operation (Figure 6-15). Other members of the ship's company, when properly instructed, provide support in varying degrees in such roles as boat crew, winch operators, and line handlers.

Figure 6-15. MK 21 Dive Requiring Two Divers. The team consists of on Supervisor, two divers, a standby diver, one tender per diver, comms and logs operator, and extra personnel (as required).

6-9.1 Manning Levels. The size of the diving team may vary with the operation, depending upon the type of equipment being used, the number of divers needed to complete the mission, and the depth. Other factors, such as weather, planned length of the mission, the nature of the objective, and the availability of various resources will also influence the size of the team. The minimum number of personnel required on station for each particular type of diving equipment is provided in Figure 6-16. The minimum levels shall be maintained; levels should be increased as necessary to meet anticipated operational conditions and situations.

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