Postdive Procedures

Postdive procedures are planned in advance to ensure personnel are carefully examined for any possible injury or adverse effects and equipment is inspected, maintained and stowed in good order.

8-13.1 Personnel and Reporting. Immediate postdive activities include any required medical treatment for the diver and the recording of mandatory reports.

Medical treatment is administered for cuts or abrasions. The general condition of the diver is monitored until problems are unlikely to develop. The Diving

Figure 8-12. Surface Decompression.

Supervisor resets the stopwatch after the diver reaches the surface and remains alert for irregularities in the diver's actions or mental state. The diver must remain within 30 minutes' travel time of the diving unit for at least 2 hours after surfacing.

■ Mandatory records and reports are covered in Chapter 5. Certain information is logged as soon as the diving operations are completed, while other record keeping is scheduled when convenient. The Diving Supervisor is responsible for the diving log, which is kept as a running account of the dive. The diver is responsible for making appropriate entries in the personal diving record. Other personnel, as assigned, are responsible for maintaining equipment usage logs.

8-13.2 Equipment. A postdive checklist, tailored to the equipment used, is followed to ensure equipment receives proper maintenance prior to storage. Postdive maintenance procedures are contained in the equipment operation and maintenance manual and the planned maintenance system package.

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