Objectives Of The Record Keeping And Reporting System

There are five objectives in the diving record keeping and reporting system.

1. Establish a comprehensive operational record for each diving command. The Command Smooth Diving Log is a standardized operational record prepared in accordance with established military practice. This record establishes the diving history for each diving command and constitutes the basic operational record requirement under normal, uneventful circumstances.

2. Gather data for safety and trend analysis. Information about current diving operations conducted in the Navy, the incidence of Hyperbaric Treatments, and diving mishaps is provided to the Naval Safety Center through the Diving Reporting System and by message as required in OPNAVINST 5100.19C Section A-6. This information enables the Safety Center to identify safety-related problems associated with operating procedures and training.

3. Provide data for a personal record. OPNAVINST 3150.27 (series) requires each diver to maintain a personal diving log/history.

4. Report information about diving mishaps and casualties in accordance with the requirements of OPNAVINST 5100.19C Section A-6. Complete and accurate information enables the command to take appropriate action and prevent reoccurrence.

5. Report information about equipment deficiencies to the responsible technical agencies through the Failure Analysis Report (FAR) system.

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