1-1.1 Purpose. This chapter provides a general history of the development of military diving operations.

1-1.2 Scope. This chapter outlines the hard work and dedication of a number of individ uals who were pioneers in the development of diving technology. As with any endeavor, it is important to build the on discoveries of our predecessors and not repeat mistakes of the past.

1-1.3 Role of the U.S. Navy. The U.S. Navy is a leader in the development of modern diving and underwater operations. The general requirements of national defense and the specific requirements of underwater reconnaissance, demolition, ordnance disposal, construction, ship maintenance, search, rescue and salvage operations repeatedly give impetus to training and development. Navy diving is no longer limited to tactical combat operations, wartime salvage, and submarine sinkings. Fleet diving has become increasingly important and diversified since World War II. A major part of the diving mission is inspecting and repairing naval vessels to minimize downtime and the need for dry-docking. Other aspects of fleet diving include recovering practice and research torpedoes, installing and repairing underwater electronic arrays, underwater construction, and locating and recovering downed aircraft.

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