Figure 21-12. Treatment Table 8.

2. Ascent rate - 20 ft/min. Rate may be slowed to 1 ft/min depending upon the patient's medical condition.

3. Time at 45 feet begins on arrival at 45 feet.

4. If oxygen breathing must be interrupted because of CNS Oxygen Toxicity, oxygen breathing may be restarted 15 minutes after all symptoms have subsided. Resume schedule at point of interruption (see paragraph 21-

Tender breathes 100 percent O2 during last 15 minutes at 45 feet and during ascent to the surface regardless of ascent rate used.

If patient cannot tolerate oxygen at 45 feet, this table can be modified to allow a treatment depth of 30 feet. The oxygen breathing time can be extended to a maximum of 3 to 4 hours.

Figure 21-13. Treatment Table 9.

3. Time at 100 feet includes time from the surface.

Figure 21-14. Air Treatment Table 1A.

3. Time at 165 feet includes time from the surface.

Underwater Ships Husbandry Manual
Figure 21-15. Air Treatment Table 2A.

3. Time at 100 feet-includes time from the surface.

Figure 21-16. Air Treatment Table 3.

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