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Figure 21-6. Treatment of Symptom Recurrence. CHAPTER 21 — Recompression Therapy

2. Ascent rate - Not to exceed 1 ft/min. Do not compensate for slower ascent rates. Compensate for faster rates by halting the ascent.

3. Time on oxygen begins on arrival at 60 feet.

4. If oxygen breathing must be interrupted because of CNS Oxygen Toxicity, allow 15 minutes after the reaction has entirely subsided and resume schedule at point of interruption (see paragraph 21-

5. Treatment Table may be extended two oxygen-breathing periods at the 30-foot stop. No air break required between oxygen-breathing periods or prior to ascent.

6. Tender breathes 100 percent during ascent from the 30-foot stop to the surface. If the tender had a previous hyperbaric exposure in the previous 12 hours, an additional 20 minutes of oxygen breathing is required prior to ascent.

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