Figure 7-10b. Scuba Hand Signals (continued).

■ If one member of a dive team aborts a dive, for whatever reason, the other member also aborts and both must surface.

Know the proper method of buddy breathing.

7-7.7 Buddy Breathing Procedure. If a diver runs out of air or the scuba malfunctions, air may be shared with the dive partner. The most efficient method of buddy breathing is for the two divers to face each other, each alternately breathing from the same mouthpiece while ascending. Buddy breathing may be used in an emergency and must be practiced so that each diver will be thoroughly familiar with the procedure.

1. The distressed diver should remain calm and signal the partner by pointing to scuba mouthpiece.

2. The partner and the distressed diver should hold on to each other by grasping a strap or the free arm. The divers must be careful not to drift away from each other.

3. The partner must make the first move by taking a breath and passing the mouthpiece to the distressed diver. The distressed diver must not grab for the um

dive partner's mouthpiece. The dive partner guides it to the distressed diver's mouth. Both divers maintain direct hand contact on the mouthpiece.

4. The mouthpiece may have flooded during the transfer. In this case, clear the mouthpiece by using the purge button (if single-hose) or by exhaling into the mouthpiece before a breath can be taken. If using a double-hose regulator, the mouthpiece should be kept slightly higher than the regulator so that free-flowing air will help keep the mouthpiece clear.

5. The distressed diver should take two full breaths (exercising caution in the event that all of the water has not been purged) and guide the mouthpiece back to the partner. The partner should then purge the mouthpiece as necessary and take two breaths.

6. The divers should repeat the breathing cycle and establish a smooth rhythm. No attempt should be made to surface until the cycle is stabilized and the proper signals have been exchanged.

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