Gas Supply

A recompression chamber system must have a primary and a secondary air supply system that satisfy the following requirements.

Figure 22-10. Fly Away Recompression Chamber Life Support Skid.

■ Primary. Sufficient air to pressurize the inner lock once to 165 feet and the outer lock twice to 165 feet and ventilate during one Treatment Table 4 (Chapter 21).

■ Secondary. Sufficient air to pressurize the inner and outer locks once to 165 feet and ventilate for one hour at 70.4 scfm.

22-4.1 Capacity. Either system may consist of air banks and/or a suitable compressor.

The primary recompression chamber support system must be capable of pressurizing the inner lock to a depth of 165 feet. The required total capacity is calculated as follows.

■ Primary System Capacity:


Cp = minimum capacity of primary system in scf

Vil = volume of inner lock in scf

Vol = volume of outer lock in scf

5 = atmospheres equivalent to 165 fsw

10 = twice 5 atmospheres

45,390 = total air in scf required to ventilate during a Table 4 Treatment

■ Secondary System Capacity:


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