Department of the Navy Naval Sea Systems Command 20 January 1999

Revision 4 of the U.S. Navy Diving Manual is a comprehensive update and reorganization of the previous revisions. Most significantly, the Manual has been divided into 5 stand-alone volumes to replace the previous two volumes, which will allow the operators to take the necessary volumes to the dive site.

The dive manual is updated to provide the latest procedures and equipment currently being utilized by military divers. It also includes two entirely new procedures to provided greater flexibility for diving operations: Chapter 10 on Nitrogen-Oxygen (NITROX) Operations and the Diving at High Altitude section of Chapter 9.

This new revision is also reformatted for electronic dissemination. It will be promulgated on a CD-ROM disk as well as in hard copy. Changes to the manual will be posted on the NAVSEA 00C web site ( to ensure that the most accurate and timely updates are provided to military divers.

This revision is a compilation of input and review by Navy divers involved in all aspects of diving operations. Experts from every area of military diving were consulted on specifics in their field and also utilized to review the finished version.

Many people were involved in this colossal effort, however I would like to pass along special thanks to a dedicated professional who expended countless hours to produce the best tools for military divers possible. HTCM (MDV) Mike Washington was the driving force behind the completion of this revision. His invaluable expertise makes this revision reflect what the fleet needs.

On behalf of all Navy divers everywhere, I want to thank MDV Washington for his unparalleled dedication and professionalism in completing this important task.

Director of Ocean Engineering Supervisor of Salvage and Diving

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