Equipment Failure Or Deficiency Reporting

The Failure Analysis Report (FAR) system provides the means for reporting, tracking and resolving material failures or deficiencies in diving life-support equipment (DLSE). The FAR was developed to provide a rapid response to DLSE failures or deficiencies. It is sent directly to the configuration manager, engineers, and technicians who are qualified to resolve the deficiency. FAR Form 10560/4 (stock number 0116-LF-105-6020) covers all DLSE not already addressed by other FARs or reporting systems. For example, the MK 21 MOD 1, MK 20 MOD 0 mask, and all open-circuit scuba are reportable on this FAR form; the UBAs MK 16 and MK 25 are reportable on a FAR or a Failure Analysis or Inadequacy Report (FAIR) in accordance with their respective technical manuals. When an equipment failure or deficiency is discovered, the Diving Supervisor or other responsible person shall ensure that the FAR is properly prepared and distributed. Refer to paragraph 5-10 for additional reporting requirements for an equipment failure suspected as the cause of a diving accident.

The one-page FAR form (Figure 5-3) consists of an original and three copies. The completed original is maintained in the Command FAR Log; the copies are mailed to CSS (Code 2510), NAVSEA (Code 00C3) and NEDU (Code 03).

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