Divers Personal Dive

Although specific Navy Divers Personal Logbooks are no longer required, each Navy trained diver is still required to maintain a record of his dives in accordance with the OPNAVINST 3150.27 series. The best way for each diver to accomplish this is to keep a copy of each Diving Log Form in a binder or folder. The Diving Log Form was formerly called DD Form 2544, 3150, or 9940, but is now generated by the Diver Reporting System (DRS) software. The record may also be kept on a personal floppy disk. These forms, when signed by the Diving Supervisor and Diving Officer, are an acceptable record of dives that may be required to justify special payments made to you as a diver and may help substantiate claims made for diving-related illness or injury. If an individual desires a hard copy of the dives, the diver's command can generate a report using the DRS or by submitting a written request to the Naval Safety Center.

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