Command Smooth Diving

The Command Smooth Diving Log is a chronological record of all dives conducted at that facility or command. It contains information on dives by personnel attached to the reporting command and dives by personnel temporarily attached to the command, such as personnel on TAD/TDY.

Dives conducted while temporarily assigned to another diving command shall be recorded in the host command's Smooth Diving Log. Additionally, record the dive in the Dive Reporting System (DRS) of the host command.

The OPNAVINST 3150.27 (series) requires commands to retain the official diving log for 3 years. The minimum data items in the Command Smooth Diving Log include:

Date of dive Purpose of the dive

Identification of divers and standby divers Times left and reached surface, bottom time Depth

Decompression time Air and water temperature

Signatures of Diving Supervisor or Diving Officer

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