The MK 16 UBA provides no visual warning of excess CO2 problems. The diver should be aware of CO2 toxicity symptoms. (Page 17-4)

CAUTION Do not institute active rewarming with severe cases of hypothermia. (Page 19-15)

CAUTION If the tender is outside of no-decompression limits, he should not be brought directly to the surface. Either take the decompression stops appropriate to the tender or lock in a new tender and decompress the patient leaving the original tender to complete decompression. (Page 203)

CAUTION Acrylic view-ports should not be lubricated or come in contact with any lubricant. Acrylic view-ports should not come in contact with any volatile detergent or leak detector (non-ionic detergent is to be used for leak test). When reinstalling view-port, take up retaining ring bolts until the gasket just compresses evenly about the view-port. Do not overcompress the gasket. (Page 22-22)

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