Atmospheric Monitoring Gas Supply Communications Furnishing

52" with wheel, 48" without wheels


1,268 lbs.


3 @ 6" dia. Clear Opening

Male per NATO STANG 1079

Air driven, replaceable scrubber, canister fits in Med Lock

2 masks - oxygen and air supply (with capability for N2O2 or HeO2) - overboard dump

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer Primary and secondary air and O2 Battery-powered speaker/headset phone Patient litter, attendants seat

Figure 22-6. Transportable Recompression Chamber (TRC).

22-2.5 Standard Features. Recompression chambers must be equipped with a means for delivering breathing oxygen to the personnel in the chamber. The inner lock should be provided with connections for demand-type oxygen inhalators. Oxygen can be furnished through a high-pressure manifold connected with supply cylinders outside the chamber.

Design Pressure 110 psig

Design Temperature 0-125°F Length 69.9"




Internal Volume Door Opening View Ports Mating Flange

Life Support Scrubber

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