Army Engineer Diving

FM 5-490, Engineer Diving Operations, provides a doctrinal basis for planning and using engineer divers in the theater of operations (TO). It describes the responsibilities, procedures, capabilities, constraints, and planning considerations for conducting underwater operations throughout the TO.

Table of organization and equipment (TOE) numbers 05-530LA00 and 05-530LC00 establish the organizational structure, manning, and equipment authorizations for the engineer diving teams. The US Army Engineer School is the proponent for the engineer diving TOEs.


ARSOF combat diving is uniquely designed to meet Special Forces infiltration/exfiltration and foreign internal defense mission requirements. The training differs greatly from engineer diving in many aspects, and this manual addresses the physiological, technical, and equipment issues that are, in some cases, inherent to both diving communities. Selection, qualification, recertification, and physical standards for ARSOF combat divers are identified separately in AR 611-75.

Sometimes there are significant differences between the duties, responsibilities, qualification, and staffing outlined in this manual and those required within the ARSOF community. One example is the requirement for a combat dive supervisor to be a graduate of the combat dive supervisor school and not necessarily the senior diver. Another example is the requirement for a combat dive medical technician to be present on all dive sites. The ARSOF diving community does not have master divers and has different qualification criteria for enlisted and officer certification.

ARSOF operation planning, diving doctrine, equipment selection, duties, and responsibilities are addressed in either United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Regulation 350-20, USASOC Diving Program, (point of contact [POC] is Commander, USASOC, ATTN: AOOP-TRS, Fort Bragg, NC 28307-5200) or Training Circular (TC) 31-25, Special Forces Waterborne Operations (POC is Commander, USAJFKSWCS, ATTN: AOJK-DT-SFA, Fort Bragg, NC 283075000). All ARSOF combat diving activities must be done according to this manual, AR 611-75, and USASOC Regulation 350-20.

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