A3 Neurological Assessment5a2

5A-3.1 Mental Status 5A-5

5A-3.2 Coordination (Cerebellar/Inner Ear Function) 5A-5

5A-3.3 Cranial Nerves 5A-6

5A-3.4 Motor 5A-7

5A-3.4.1 Extremity Strength 5A-8

5A-3.4.2 Muscle Size 5A-8

5A-3.4.3 Muscle Tone 5A-8

5A-3.4.4 Involuntary Movements 5A-8

5A-3.5 Sensory Function 5A-8

5A-3.5.1 Sensory Examination 5A-10

5A-3.5.2 Sensations 5A-10

5A-3.5.3 Instruments 5A-10

5A-3.5.4 Testing the Trunk 5A-10

5A-3.5.5 Testing Limbs 5A-10

5A-3.5.6 Testing the Hands 5A-10

5A-3.5.7 Marking Abnormalities 5A-10

5A-3.6 Deep Tendon Reflexes 5A-10

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