A1 Introduction

The purpose of this appendix is to provide guidance regarding safe diving distances and exposure times for divers operating in the vicinity of ships transmitting with sonar. Table 1A-1 provides guidance for selecting Permissable Exposure Limits Tables; Table 1A-2 provides additional guidance for helmeted divers. Tables 1A-3 through 1A-5 provide specific procedures for diving operations involving AN/SQS-23, -26, -53, -56; AN/SQQ-14, -30, and -32; AN/BSY-1, -2; and AN/BQQ-5 sonars. Section 1A-6 provides guidance and precautions concerning diver exposure to low-frequency sonar (160-320Hz). Contact NAVSEA Supervisor of Diving (00C3B) for guidance on other sonars. This appendix has been substantially revised from Safe Diving Distances from Transmitting Sonar (NAVSEAINST 3150.2 Series) and should be read in its entirety.

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