14-3.1 Surface-Supplied Helium-Oxygen Decompression Table. The Surface-Supplied Helium-Oxygen Decompression Table (Table 14-7) specifies the maximum and minimum concentrations of oxygen allowable in the helium-oxygen mixture at depth. Select a gas mixture for the dive that is compatible with the deepest depth anticipated for the dive.

14-3.1.1 Calculating Maximum Depth. To select the proper decompression table and schedule, measure the deepest depth reached by the diver and enter the table at the exact or next greater depth. When using an air-filled pneumofathometer to measure depth, the observed depth reading must be corrected as shown in Table 14-2. It is also important that the pneumofathometer be at mid-chest level. Enter the table at the maximum or next greater depth. It is also important that the pneu-mofathometer be at mid-chest level. The bottom time is measured as the time from leaving the surface to leaving the bottom, rounded up to the next whole minute, except as noted in paragraph 14-3.2. Enter the table at the exact or next greater bottom time.

Table 14-2. Pneumofathometer Correction Factors.

Pneuofathometer Depth

Correction Factor

0-100 fsw

+1 fsw

0 0

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