Nikonos V camera body to be discontinued

Nikon have finally confirmed that the Nikonos V is to be discontinued. It will bring to an end the production of one of the most amazing range of cameras the photographic world has ever seen.

Nikonos cameras have been responsible for some of the most memorable images taken underwater over the past 40 years. Their demise will be sorely missed but I will always own at least one Nikonos V and one Nikonos 111 for they are, to me, irreplaceable.

Nikon are letting us down gently as the production is to be phased out rather than halted abruptly and they say that production of lenses and accessories will continue for the time being. Spare parts will be available for many years to ensure that the Nikonos V can be serviced and repaired.

I suppose it was inevitable as the digital world takes over but the Nikonos V has earned a special place in the carrying cases of most underwater photographers.

For those interested, here is the press release from Nikon.

"Nikon Corporation will stop making the NIKONOS-V camera body in the near future. Regional Nikon distributors and importers can be contacted for details as to when the product will be discontinued.

A customer base of divers and underwater photographers have favored this camera since it was introduced in 1984.

In light of relatively low sales volumes for this niche product in an age of growing operating cost-consciousness, however, Nikon determined that it could not continue to justify the cost and effort of specialized production required to manufacture it in small quantities.

We are sorry for any problems that this may cause, and ask you to understand our need to make this decision.

Nonetheless, Nikon remains proud and appreciative that the NIKONOS-V has enjoyed a long, distinguished product life.

Although the company has no current plans to introduce new underwater photography products, we will continue to stay abreast of the market for next-generation underwater cameras.

Although Nikon will discontinue manufacture of the NIKONOS-V camera body, it will continue to supply accessories for the NIKONOS-V, including interchangeable lenses, speedlight, close-up outfit unit, etc., at least until the end of 2002. At a later date, the company will decide whether or not to continue offering these accessories in 2003 and beyond. "

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